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This section is getting a face-lift. Some of the services are listed below but Please check back here soon for the fresh new look and listings...

25-page business plan A dedicated 25-page business plan to help you approach lenders. Price TBC

Professional email signature Get your logo, brand colours, a banner and social media buttons all together in a pro email signature £15

Brand development Including re-branding, logo design, brand colours, design work and photography

Bookkeeping Get help with your books in preparation for your HMRC return

Sell products? Check out our e-commerce section

Need IT services? We have lots of options

Looking for business marketing? This has it's own section

Want to hire Michael as your freelance consultant? Introductory rate of £12 per hour and if you are happy with Michael's work this will rise to £15 per hour after 1 month. Michael can invoice for work from just 1 hour per week.