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Business boosters will display a set price. Additional costs may apply to some topics but this is always mentioned beforehand.

Digital design work

Semi-professional photography

1-page website

WordPress website

Professional email signature Get your logo, brand colours, a banner and social media buttons all together in a pro email signature £15

Squarespace website

Professional photo editing

PC, laptop or tablet refresh Tech. getting slow? Important info. backed up, factory reset and optimisation will give it a boost

Looking for digital marketing? This has it's own section

Does tour business sell products? Check out our e-commerce section 

Team collaboration

I work  within a small team for both StuffMine and Taylor Hil & Bond. Cloud technologies are essential for small business so that teams can access and share files from one central location. Innovative team collaboration technologies like slack are also overtaking email. I can help set up OneDrive, Dropbox, Slack and more.

WordPress powered website(s)

WordPress is an extremely popular choice for your fresh new website. Michael can build a website perfect for your business, add all sorts of clever plugins and add lots of relevant and creative content.