What is eAdvice?

I worked on the concept for eAdvice in 2014 and launched the business in February 2015. The name is short for eCommerce advice, however, over the last 2 years, my skills have far surpassed eCommerce alone and I can help with all sorts of IT, marketing and business related tasks. I work at a competitive hourly pay as you go cost both in my office and on a one-to-one basis in the South-East region of England. I work well with business further afield via regular communication.

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The year before eAdvice...

The concept for eAdvice began when I started helping others sell online on different eCommerce marketplaces including ebay and Amazon whilst working full time as a technical administrator. In addition to this, many of my colleagues would approach me for advice on many subjects including Microsoft office, PayPal, Windows and social media.

After realising that I liked helping others with IT & ecommerce related work, I began writing my business plan in my work breaks and conducting market research. After leaving the company, I co-founded with my Dad and launched eAdvice, with StuffMine being my first client.

want to know what I am working on?

I have several clients and I am working on several projects through 2017...